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Imperfect Angels of Georgia 
Henry Co. Chapter


The Imperfect Angels of Illinois programming is in direct response to the growing number of at-risk youth in our local communities, who are showing negative signs of destructive habits to parents and loved ones, falling through the cracks at school and/or in life, or are already entangled with the juvenile court system. From societal standards to the pressure of having societal validation, the concept of self is one of the biggest influences that guide the youth today. Our programming unifies and inspires youth to learn the soft- and life- skills needed to reach their full potential with a sense of pride and accomplishment. These non-academic lessons are still imperative to help the next generations be prepared for adulthood, gain leadership skills, and maintain healthy lifestyles.

*Full-year commitment (COMMITMENT + CONSISTENCY = SUCCESS)
**Community Service is REQUIRED to be a participant of the program

Youth Mentoring Program

Badge of Honor & Mentorship


Angel Pledge

Self-Love + Self-Respect + Self-Responsibility = Self-Happiness

A ten-step mentoring journey facilitated through educational workshops and self-guided practice that guides youth to self-enhancement and goal accomplishments. This program focuses on instilling of self- love, respect and responsibility and help each participant gain the confidence and support needed to overcome their contemporary adolescent challenges. Our curriculum incorporates effective communication, interpersonal skills and leadership techniques needed to reach her full potential. 

  • Badge of Honor Engagement

  • Monthly Virtual Workshops & Check-ins

  • Quarterly Retreats & Summits

  • Angel Kits & Supplies Provided

  • Pre-access to ALL of IAO programming events & services

  • FREE Registration!



This program was curated to help eliminate, prevent and/or decrease the rise in violence and destructive behaviors in youth girls across the state of Georgia.

*Full-year commitment


**Community Service is REQUIRED to be a participant of the program

Perfect I am not,

But as my wings begin to spread,

I will learn to Love myself fully,

Respect myself at all times,

Take Responsibility for my actions,

As I soar through my journey to womanhood!

Parents & Neighbors.....We Need Your Help!
We depend on our Angel Pledgers to help sustain our year-round mentoring program. We just ask for a committed monthly contribution of any amount to help us with the cost and/or fees associated with our programs. We appreciate our Angel Pledge donors and there are benefits to becoming an Angel Pledge donor! For more details, please visit our Support Us page. 

Badge of Honor System

The IAO Angel Badge of Honor System is an organized set of levels that every young woman needs to reach in order to build her self- love, respect, and responsibility so she gains the self-happiness needed to reach her full potential in any area of womanhood. This system does not only provide an enjoyment aspect for the participants but also gives them tools needed to sustain independence and a sense of self-accomplishment as they accomplish each level on their journey.

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Community Programs


Voices: A Moment of Connection Across Generational Women

Voices is designed to survey and hear the voices of the community about needs and barriers, and the results needed to create better home environments and support systems for the youth. During this program the participants will engage in meaningful conversations around the unheard cries for help that youth girls deal with in today’s society. We will have speaking, lessons and activities that will educate, unite and empower our youth and community.


Supporting Our Sisters Training Program

Coming Soon!

For local youth and young-adults that are facing hardships or challenges that are causing mental health declines, social disadvantages, destructive habits, or detrimental outcomes. These programs consist of educational conferences, seminars, and community service projects that the youth participate in throughout the year to help them build a better understanding and awareness of self, the environment around them and the limitless opportunities that are available to help them reach their full potential. 

Learn more about our programs by contacting your local chapter....

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